Am I ready for OMCA or OMCP certifications?

Select your highest levels of experience, education, and training below to see which certifications apply.

Select the highest amount of marketing experience

Valid experience must be documentable hours performing marketing work, whether paid or not. Marketing work is defined as work that requires knowledge, application, or communication of marketing principles. 

This can include any marketing job, traditional marketing, e.g., print, copywriting, advertising, selling marketing services, or providing some subset of marketing services to a marketing team or to paying clients.

Note: Marketing experience does not include non-marketing work — even when working for a marketing-focused company. For example, work as a human resources manager at a marketing agency would not qualify for valid marketing experience.

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Select the highest level of formal education

Unless candidates have significant marketing experience, OMCA certification requires a proof of the equivalent of a secondary school diploma, most commonly referred to in the US as a “High School” diploma or equivalent such as a GED (US), GCSE 6th Form, A level (UK), and others.

A post-secondary diploma, such as a bachelor's degree (4-year college), master's degree, or higher meets the education requirement for both OMCA and OMCP certification.

you have completed:

Have you completed an OMCP-accredited course within the last six months?