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It’s no longer enough to simply claim expertise as an online marketer. Employers and clients know that they are best served by marketers whose skills and knowledge are current and verified.

One way that marketers stay current is through ongoing professional education, and active participation in industry groups and events. OMCP Certification verifies our members’ dedication to such professional development, helping marketers to distinguish themselves in a crowded marketplace, and employers to make informed hiring decisions.

The OMCP mission is to continually improve the standards of practice, education, and employment of online marketers. This is accomplished through:

  • Maintenance of the competency and exam standards for online marketing in coordination with industry leaders
  • Certification and credentialing of individual practitioners, agencies, and educational institutions

Board of Directors:

Michael-K-Stebbins-200-OMCPMichael Stebbins
Chairman and President

John-Marshall-OMCPJohn Marshall
 Avinash-Kaushik-OMCPAvinash Kaushik

Join Us

The ongoing development of OMCP standards and practices is a cooperative effort by the industry’s leading marketers, authors, employers, and educators.

Work alongside the most prestigious leaders in the industry by joining one of the OMCP standards committees.

A growing number of training programs and higher learning curricula are OMCP Authorized.  Get recognition for your program by letting us know about it below.

Employers and clients are looking for OMCP Certified marketers.  If you’re an employer and want to interview OMCP certified practitioners, let us know below.

OMCP does not provide training directly.

OMCP is a professional certification that recognizes training from a growing, vetted list of the online marketing industry’s best known educational institutions, and participation in the industry’s top events in a variety of capacities. When you’re an OMCP Certified Professional, your customers, co-workers, and partners are assured that you’re committed to staying at the top of your game by maintaining ongoing professional development through the industry’s top training providers, organizations, and industry events.

If you’d like to learn more about OMCP, visit the frequently asked questions, or contact us.

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