Receive credit for real-life experience.

OMCP PDU Qualified

If you’ve been active in the Online Marketing community, it counts.

OMCP encourages constant updates of practical online marketing knowledge and best practices.  These are tracked in the form of Professional Development Units (PDUs).

Because of the rapid changes in digital marketing, OMCP Certifications last two years when renewed with PDUs.  To gain two years of certification, the candidate must use one of the following methods:

  1. Extend the certification for the second year by participating in recognized organizations, events, training programs, and communities to earn PDUs.
  2. Or: Renew your certification for the additional year by passing the OMCP  or OMCA exams.

Currently, accrual of 100 PDUs during the year is required for extension. Completion of PDU events must have occurred within 12 months prior to certification expiration date to be considered for renewal. PDUs cannot extend certification status after expiration.

To submit PDUs for OMCP Re-Certification, simply provide the necessary verification for review through your member dashboard.  OMCP will provide renewal reviews up to 30 days prior to certification expiration.

The following activities are currently recognized for PDU credit.

ActivityUnits Verification
Pass an Exam:
Submit a passing score from the OMCA exam the OMCP exam or any one OMCP specialty exam.

Social Media Strategist (SMS) certification through the National Institute for Social Media
100Exam pass verification code.
Attend a Conference:
Show proof of attending the education track of an OMCP PDU Qualified Conference.
25-50Scan of badge that allows conference sessions (not just exhibits)
Speak at a Conference:
Show proof of presenting at an OMCP PDU-Qualified Conference
100Non-vendor teaching presentation. Scan of badge or copy of /link to program guide
Complete a Platform/Tool Course:
These popular tool/platform and vendor courses are short, sweet, and helpful. See the list of OMCP PDU-Qualified Training Courses:
20-50Scan of proof of completion
Teach a Course:
Lecture live, or record new video lessons, within an approved course.
 100Scan of Verification of three+ hours lecture time from course provider.
Write an Exam Question:
Write exam items (questions) for use in the OMCP and OMCA exams.
10-80Approval of submission from OMCP Exam Committee
Guest Post an Article
Write a byline article that helps other digital marketers follow in your footsteps.
40Original content approved by OMCP and receives three+ social media ‘thank-you’ posts or positive comments.

*NOTE: Renewal through successful completion of and exam is required after each one year PDU extension. Requirements for renewal and the process for extensions may change as standards evolve, and will be defined by the requirements in place at the time of renewal or extension. Such requirements may include (but are not limited to) PDUs earned, tests, skills assessments, or combinations thereof.

Would you like your event/course/activity approved for PDUs?
Approved training programs and conferences must map to OMCP competencies and prove constant updates of training material.

Request approval for a digital marketing conference or event.

Request approval for a digital marketing education program.