Become an OMCP PDU-Qualified Digital Marketing Conference

Each year, thousands of OMCP certified are seeking PDU-Qualified digital marketing conferences to earn professional development units for certification renewal.

OMCP PDU Qualified

Only the best digital marketing conferences qualify for earned PDUs for renewal of OMCP and OMCA certification status. If you wish to nominate a conference or have yours considered for for approval, you can start the process here.

Approved conferences can be announced and listed as PDU-Approved publicly and within the OMCP community of practice.


To earn PDU-Qualified status, a conference must meet the following five criteria:

  1. Have been held three times and be reasonably accessible to OMCP certified. 
  2. Advertise its primary purpose is to teach digital marketing (using similar words, e.g., conversion, analytics, online marketing, etc).
  3. The majority (over 50%) of sessions must be Qualified Sessions that teach the how-to and best practices of specific digital marketing disciplines (see below).
  4. Present at least four speakers with either A) repeat appearances at other approved PDU-Approved conferences OR B) who are OMCP certified OR have contributed to OMCP standards.
  5. Receive a majority vote approval from the current PDU committee.

Steps to Approval

There are two steps to the approval process.

1. Match your Sessions to OMCP-Covered Disciplines

Download a session mapping worksheet and have someone on your staff add (paste) qualified session titles under the appropriate digital marketing practice name. Sessions can be upcoming or most recent past.

Download Session Mapping Grid for Approval

Qualified sessions primarily convey specific how-to and best practices of any of the following: 

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Analytics
  • Digital Advertising (PPC, Social, Display, Programmatic, and similar)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization, UX/UI Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation

Conference sessions that are useful but will not be applicable to the PDU approval process typically cover the following:

  • Visionary keynotes
  • Self improvement
  • Tool or platform-specific sessions
  • Running or building a business
  • Hiring or training
  • Future forecasts
  • Social events

2. Send your mapping file and session list to OMCP

Upload your session mapping and session list using the form below. Your session list must have several sentences describing each session. The current PDU approval committee will check your mapping and speaker qualifications and make a decision on approval within 30 days.

After Approval

Approved conferences can be announced and listed as PDU-Approved publicly and/or within the OMCP community of practice. Once approved, your team will also receive an OMCP PDU-Qualified medallion to add to your conference site.

Application Form

Use this form or email to apply.

     Conference Name


     Conference Website


     Conference Contact Person (First Last)


     Conference Contact Email Address(required)


     Team Contact Phone (with country code if non-US)


     If this is your final submission, upload your session mapping sheet here:

     Alternatively, provide a link to your mapping document


     Upload your session description document (multiple sentences per session description) here:

     Alternatively, provide a link to your session description document (multiple sentences per session description)