The cost for the OMCP exam is $395.  Some pre-registered groups may use a voucher/coupon on the checkout screen to complete the purchase process.  See instructions and important details in the “Description” section below.

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Important Information About the OMCP Exam Series:

  • The OMCP Exam Series presents three exams comprising:
    • a base exam that covers the fundamental principles of the eight basic online marketing disciplines: Content Marketing, Conversion, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Digital Advertising, SEO, Marketing Automation, Social Media, and Digital Analytics.
    •  two specialty exams in the elected disciplines of your choice.
  • The exam series presents multiple-choice questions, and in total, takes approximately  2 hours and 15 minutes to complete:
    • 75 minutes for the base exam with 64-68 questions,
    • 30 minutes for each specialty exam serving 17-28 questions
  • You may take the exams in any order you wish, though most candidates take the base exam first. You will be encouraged to schedule each on a separate day in the confirmation instructions.
  • The OMCP exams are proctored by an online, remote proctor. So you can take the exam from anywhere and on a day and time of your choosing.
  • During purchase, you will be prompted to choose your preferred day for your exam. You will have the option to change your date/time by following instructions in your confirmation emails. Choose an exam day that is a minimum of 5 days from your exam purchase date. Dates within 4 days sometimes require a ‘rush’ fee from the proctor.
  • A purchased instance of the OMCP exam includes one instance of the OMCP Base exam and one instance of each of the two specialty exams.  Retakes are not free.  There are no refunds for exams whether taken or not.  Candidates must take all three OMCP exams within 90 days of purchase/registration.
  • Some pre-registered groups may use a voucher/coupon on the checkout screen to complete the purchase process.
  • After purchase, you will receive three confirmation emails that explain how to schedule and access your exams.