Awards for Excellence in Digital Marketing Standards

In keeping with the OMCP mission to continually improve the standards of practice, education, and employment of online marketers, the association recognizes excellence in training and application of the standards.

Most Recent Winners of the OMCP Agency of Excellence Award are:

GTB shares how to
excel with innovation
in training.

MediaCom shares
best practices for high pass
rates in digital marketing

See the announcement for GTB, and the announcement for MediaCom.

Agency of Excellence Award 2018

Awarded agencies have made significant investments in staff training and certification in online marketing practices.   Candidates are judged based on volume of staff trained/certified, exam pass rates, course completion, contribution to the standards, or innovation in training methodology.  Clients of awarded agencies are assured that agency staff have the verified hard skills,  education, and experience set by by the industry.

Judges will be considering combinations of:

  • Volume of staff trained
  • Volume of staff certified
  • Exam pass rates
  • Innovation in training methodology
  • Course completion rate
  • Contribution to (or adherence to) standards

Criteria: Agencies must employ 10 or more staff that offer online marketing, digital advertising, or digital media services that include at least four of the disciplines covered by the OMCP competency and certification standards. Training or exams mush have taken place in the calendar year 2017.

To nominate an agency, or to apply for the OMCP Agency of Excellence Award, email a completed application form to or use the form below to put an agency in the running. OMCP will confirm application with the listed contact and provide an official entry form. Deadline for 2018 applications is set at February 16, 2019.  Winners will be announced in March 2019.

Award Nomination/Application

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Volume of staff trainedVolume of staff certifiedExam pass ratesCourse completion rateContribution to (or adherence to) standardsInnovation in training methodology

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