Digital Marketing Certification by Industry Standards

Digital marketing certification from OMCP verifies skills, education, and experience and has four key attributes:

  1. Set by the industry: Standards are derived through a combination of role delineation studies, polls of hiring managers, and are audited by a wide range of practitioners, author-experts, and educators.
  2. Open: Not tied to a specific course, OMCP competencies are taught world-wide at hundreds of universities and institutes to prepare candidates for exams. They are not proprietary to any one platform, vendor or training vendor.
  3. Serves defensible, proctored exams: OMCP exams are written by industry leaders, published authors, and are peer-reviewed on a regular basis. Items map to published works, and undergo regular psychometric and difficulty review. Proctoring ensures the identity of the candidate and ensures validity of the certification.
  4. Conducts manual verification: Experience, exam results, entitlement and education are verified by OMCP staff before certification is awarded.

 OMCP Awards Two Levels of Certification

OMCA - Online Marketing Certified Associate

For those who communicate digital marketing concepts or manage digital marketing teams, the OMCA™ certification verifies knowledge across multiple digital marketing disciplines. It is often used as a minimum requirement for all marketing team members at agencies or other businesses. Groups who train or hire to OMCA standards lead the industry in digital marketing performance.

online marketing certified professional

For more experienced digital marketers, the OMCP certification verifies deeper skills, experience, and education required to implement digital marketing practices as a specialist. OMCP certified professionals are in demand as subject matter experts, consultants, and are often asked to teach or lead initiatives within larger organizations. Customers, co-workers, employers, and clients can be assured that an OMCP with current status has verified, up-to-date skills in digital marketing.

Use Industry Certification and Testing for Teams, Groups, and Agencies

P&G, Mediacom, Bayer, and others earned OMCP recognition for digital marketing skills development.
P&G, Mediacom, Bayer, and others earned OMCP recognition for digital marketing skills development.

More teams than ever are using industry standard measurements to level-up in digital marketing skills to verified industry standards. See how award-winning marketing leaders like P&G, Mediacom, Bayer, GTB, and others did it, see best practices and pricing to test larger teams.

Choose From Hundreds of Digital Marketing Training Providers

OMCP accredits programs from a growing list of the industry’s best known educational institutions, and awards PDUs for participation in the industry’s top events in a variety of capacities. Though there are hundreds of programs that teach to OMCP standards, OMCP accredits only those educational institutions and providers whose course work meets strict quality standards and has been shown to prepare students for success on the OMCA and OMCP certification exams.