Digital Marketing Upskilling for Teams

Using industry standards to verify digital skills

More teams than ever are using industry standard measurements to level-up in digital marketing skills.  Benefits include:

Top marketing teams at Bayer (above), P&G, Microsoft, GTB, Mediacom, Publicis, and many others use OMCP readiness exams to celebrate and promote digital marketing skills.
  • Improved marketing performance
  • Higher training participation
  • Increased confidence in the program
  • Increased  productive hours
  • Longer retention of skilled talent
  • Validated industry certification vs. a course completion certificate

How does your team compare?

You could measure digital marketing skills by counting ‘hours’ in training, or completion of training. But how do you know if the training thoroughly and authoritatively covers required competencies in digital marketing?

Digital Marketing Testing Results Reporting
Compare divisions and industry average as a measurement for hiring, training, and annual performance reviews

Industry standard assessments measure knowledge of established digital marketing practices and verify digital marketing competencies as set by a worldwide base of industry leaders, educators, and hiring managers. 

OMCP industry standards for digital marketing are derived through a combination of role delineation studies, polls of hiring managers, and are audited by a wide range of practitioners, author-experts, and educators.

Participants who test using industry standard assessments have the assurance of working towards a credential that is transferable, and is independent of any vendor, training company, or employer.

Download the process guide to see benefits of other measurement systems.

The process for team certification

Each team has their special methods, but most recommend the following three step path to level up in digital marketing, company-wide.

Candidates can choose from 100s of training programs, online, on-ground, in-house, or company-approved courses
  1. Practice assessment indicates readiness for final exam or training. Vouchers for OMCA exam issued for scores over 70%
  2. Certification exam: A passing score on the certification exam meets  the exam requirement for OMCA certification
  3. Verification: With verified qualifications, staff earn OMCA status and option to test for OMCP specialist level.

For more tips and methods, Leaders at Bayer, GTB, Mediacom, and P&G share what worked for their upskill programs in this guide.

Program Pricing

What does readiness testing cost?

Initial testing for qualified groups is free.

Pricing for deeper skills testing is summarized below and is set out in more detail in this best practices and pricing guide (PDF) which shares best practices for upskilling to OMCP industry standards offered by marketing leaders at P&G, Dell, GTB, Mediacom, Bayer and others.

OMCA Practice Assessments

OptionPre-Purchase Access QuantityAccess at Volume Discount
1:700 OMCA Practice Assessments for companies of 1000 or more employeesFree. Request below.
2:One OMCA Practice Assessment Individual Access$15 each
5:Unlimited OMCA Practice Assessment Access for one yearIncluded with A-F below
More voucher and pricing options are included in the Team Certification Process Guide

OMCP and OMCA Exam Packs

OptionPre-Purchase Access QuantityAccess at Volume Discount
A:50-1000 OMCA Standard Vouchers (one exam attempt  per person) $180 each  
D:1-49 OMCA Double Session Vouchers  (two attempts per person)$290 each
E:50-1000 OMCP Exam Suite Vouchers (one exam attempt  per person) $270 each  
More voucher and pricing options are included in the Team Certification Process Guide
Direct PDF Download: Team Certification Process Guide

Most teams start with free initial testing, offer employees options for training according to results, and require a passing score on the OMCA exam by a set deadline.

These and other best practices from team leaders worldwide are included in the Team Certification Process Guide

Free Vouchers for Managers:

Team managers (qualified) will be sent some free exam vouchers as a courtesy. Test the waters, start a pilot level-up program, or evaluate incoming candidates: You can use the exam vouchers as you please.

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