Digital Marketing Competency Standards

Digital Marketing Competency StandardsThe OMCP Competency Standards define the competencies and skills required to qualify for employment and earn industry certification in online marketing.  These documents are used by educators for course development and compliance with OMCP standards, and are also used by hiring managers to determine job readiness and performance measurement for existing staff and incoming candidates.    The competencies are constantly checked and updated by digital marketing leaders and practitioners for relevance.  The ratios used reflect those set in the most recent OMCP role delineation study

What is Covered?

OMCA competencies  define the competencies and skills required to qualify for employment in a supervised associate position in the following digital marketing disciplines:

Social Media Marketing OMCA Competency Standard Digital Advertising (PPC) OMCA Competency Standard
SEO OMCA Competency Standard Email Marketing OMCA Competency Standard
Web Analytics OMCA Competency Standard Marketing Automation OMCA Competency Standard
Content Marketing OMCA Competency Standard Mobile Marketing OMCA Competency Standard
Conversion Rate Optimization OMCA Competency Standard  Sample (older) OMCA Competency Standard

OMCP competencies define the competencies and skills required to perform as a practitioner in a minimally-supervised position in the following disciplines:

Social Media Marketing OMCP Competency Standard Digital Advertising (PPC) OMCP Competency Standard
SEO OMCP Competency Standard Content Marketing OMCP Competency Standard
Web Analytics OMCP Competency Standard Mobile Marketing OMCP Competency Standard
Conversion Rate Optimization OMCP Competency Standard  Sample (older) OMCP Competency Standard

Distribution of training time in each competency guide is based on the most recent OMCP Role Delineation Study.  OMCA Standards documents set out minimum didactic training time for an OMCA-Approved course and  average didactic time for existing courses when available. 

Who Writes the Documents?

OMCP facilitates maintenance of the competency standards document in cooperation with published subject matter experts, educators, and active hiring managers. Each major version must be approved by an OMCP committee before distribution.  OMCP coordinates peer review of minor changes in each document.  Attribution for contributions is included in each document.

How Do I get Them and What do They Cost?

OMCP Competency Documents are available for purchase at $100 for all seven.

OMCA Competency Documents are available for purchase at $100 for all nine.

Fees paid for competency documents cover costs of updates and maintenance.  Updates are included for one year from date of purchase.