2019 OMCP Digital Marketing Role Delineation Survey is Live

The results are in.  See the digital marketing priorities as reported by over 4,000 professionals in the 2019 OMCP Role Study.  The final survey data and report is complete and available to participants,  educational institution, or training providers.  Request your free copy below

What is a Digital Marketing Role Delineation Study?

The 2019 OMCP Role Delineation Study represents current practice ratios and skill, education, and experience requirements in digital marketing.  The data is one of several used by OMCP to ensure that digital marketing certification standards, exams, and competency guides are representative of what is in demand today.  Over 800 colleges, universities, and training providers teach to OMCP standards to shape the skills of marketers entering the workforce.    

The survey includes coverage of the practice of:  

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Digital Advertising (Including PPC)
  • Marketing Automation
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • UX/UI Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Other proposed practices through write-in

In the survey, participants are prompted to rank practices and sub practices by choosing time distributions for each practice.  Participants also weigh in on required education, experience, and training for professionals. 

Duigital marketing standards data 2019

Who benefits from a Digital Marketing Role Study?

The purpose of the RDS is to help educators and industry teach/test to requirements in practice

  • For the Industry: It benefits the industry by helping universities, training institutes, and in house teams teach to industry standards which are aligned with current practice priorities.  As an industry association, OMCP assists educators with standards, and does not compete in the training market. 
  • For OMCP: An RDS helps OMCP by ensuring representative requirements for certification:  Specifically, education and training requirements, distribution of requirements in competency outlines and in certification exam questions. Better exams.  Better marketers.
  • You: You’ll see  how over thousands of other teams invest time in digital marketing, and, what education and experience hiring managers want in 2019 and 2020.

How do I get a Copy?

The 2019 OMCP Role Delineation Study is provided for free to educators, qualified trainers, course developers and professionals who intend to use it for readiness testing or talent development. For your copy, use the request form below. 

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Who is Behind This?

OMCP maintains the industry standards for digital marketing with the support of marketing leaders worldwide. 

OMCP is a certification standard and an industry association that maintains the competency and exam standards for digital marketing in coordination with industry leaders.  OMCP is an independent standard, not tied to any one platform, training provider, agency, or vendor.  

With our volunteers and staff, we serve the industry by providing certification verification and credentialing of individual practitioners, agencies, and educational institutions.  As an industry association, OMCP assists educators with standards, and does not compete in the training market. 

OMCP publishes competency standards used for curriculum and employee evaluation, the industry body of knowledge, digital marketing certification exams, readiness tests, and digital marketing podcasts related to best practices in online marketing.

The OMCP mission is to continually improve the standards of practice, education, and employment of online marketers.

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