Adding OMCP Credentials To Your LinkedIn

Stand out among other marketers by displaying your OMCP credentials

OMCP and OMCA certified are sought after as speakers, educators, and of course, are preferred as digital marketers. Here are two steps to updating your credentials on LinkedIn.

Adding your credentials to your LinkedIn profile is a great way to get found and recognized for your proven expertise.

1 of 3: Add your credential after your name

LinkedIn does not automatically add suffixes or certifications to your last name, so this can be accomplished by adding it yourself. This will ensure that your OMCP status displays with your name in all discussions, comments, and other LinkedIn interactions.

Here are instructions to add your credentials to your LinkedIn Profile.

Visit your LinkedIn profile and click the “Edit” icon. Add your credential after your last name. Save. Simple.

Educators are looking for OMCP certified to help with instruction and course development.

2 of 3: Add Your Certification Credentials

LinkedIn currently lists validated certificates in qualified profiles.

Your OMCP credential will appear in your Licenses and Certifications section.

TO add your credentials, you’ll need your OMCP license ID. your profile URL, and your dates of certification and expiration.

Navigate to your LinkedIn profile. Select “Add Profile Section” and ensure that you have a “Licenses & Certifications” section. If so, you can proceed to add a new certification.

Add your credentials to LinkedIn

Scroll down to your Licenses & Certification section and find the + link to add a certification.

First enter the Name of the certification that you have earned:

OMCP® Online Marketing Certified Professional or OMCA™ Online Marketing Certified Associate

Then the following values:

  • Issuing Organization: OMCP (LinkedIn will find OMCP as the issuing organization once you type OMCP in the field).
  • Issued date and expiration date (these are in your profile status tab)
  • License ID (also found in your OMCP profile)
  • Your credential URL. Login to copy your credential URL. It is typically in the form of

That’s how it’s added. One more step

3 of 3: Connect with OMCP on LinkedIn

Be sure to follow OMCP on LinkedIn and all certified are invited to join the OMCP LinkedIn group. It’s a great place to let your fellow certified know what you ‘re up to.

Bonus benefit – Use your earned medallion in your correspondence

Be sure to add your status into your email signature using the appropriate medallion (found in your OMCP profile page) with a link back to either your LinkedIn Profile or your OMCP profile. For example:

Eleanor Eversett, OMCP
Digital Marketing Specialist
(123) 456-7890




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