Adding OMCP Credentials To Your LinkedIn

Stand out among other marketers by displaying your OMCP credentials

Clients and employers know that they are best served by marketers whose skills and knowledge are current.  Here are two ways to add your OMCP credential information and claim your certification on LinkedIn:

• Add OMCP Unique Certification I.D. Badge to your profile (It’s FREE)

• Add “OMCP” after your name


Add OMCP Certification Badge

Step 1: Request your certification I.D.#

Step 2: Add Certification Section to your LinkedIn profile

1. Login to LinkedIn
2. Click on “Add sections,” which appears at the bottom of your LinkedIn profile page.
3. An “Add Sections” window will pop up. Click on “Certifications,” which appears in the left column under “Sections.”
4. A “Preview” window will next appear with certification examples. Click the “Add to Profile” button in the bottom right-hand corner.
5. You will next be asked for specific information on the credential you wish to add.

Step 3: “Add” OMCP Credential Information

Name: OMCPⓇ Online Marketing Certified Professional OR OMCA™ Online Marketing Certified Associate
Authority: OMCPⓇ
Link: is to
Date: is start date of your certification
End Date: One year from certification
License: Request your certification I.D.# + certification acronym, eg, 28O1MCP or 122OMCA

When the form is complete, click “Add Certification.” Your profile page will now include the category “Certifications.”  Your OMCP Certification can be verified on the public OMCP Directory.


 Add “OMCP” after your name

List it after your name. LinkedIn does not automatically add suffixes or certifications to your last name, so this can be accomplished by adding it yourself. This will ensure that your OMCP status displays with your name in all discussions, comments, and other LinkedIn interactions.

On your profile page, click the ‘Edit’ button.

Click ‘Save’ to finalize the change.


One more way to bring attention to your credentials is add the certification medallion to your correspondence.

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