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OMCP Membership Programs

To support innovation in professional certification and align with evolving real-world tools and best practices, OMCP created its Membership Program. Members consider and approve ongoing changes to the definition and measurement of OMCP standards.

OMCP Industry Membership

Industry Members serve as ambassadors from partner associations and institutions and commit to actively support and maintain OMCP standards  through committee involvement and periodic voting. Companies able to make these kinds of commitments are encouraged to engage with OMCP as Industry Members by applying for Industry Membership. Find out more and Apply for Industry Membership.

OMCP Academic Membership

 Academic Members come from academic institutions that demonstrate their sponsorship of OMCP standards through their course offerings, certifications, and degrees and by committing to actively supporting and maintaining OMCP standards through committee involvement and periodic voting.  Find out more and Apply for Academic Membership.

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Our Individual Membership  is open to anyone who desires to support and benefit from OMCP values standards, and publications. Individual Members are not required to be OMCP certified. Individual Membership requires an application and an annual fee.  Find out more and Apply for Individual Membership.  

OMCP Registered Education Provider Program

OMCP Registered Education Provider

Only the most demanding training programs qualify for OMCP Registered Education Provider status. Training and educational programs that are OMCP Approved provide enhanced value to students and organizations in preparation for certification.  Complete the Application for Education Providers.  You may also request to be contacted directly.

Use the following check list of requirements to quickly determine if your program is a good match for the OMCP Registered Education Provider program.

Provider Requirements

Courses must thoroughly prepare a graduate with the abilities, skills, and knowledge commonly associated with qualification for employment in a minimally-supervised position in online marketing.

The following disciplines are considered core for OMCP and OMCA certification.

  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Email Marketing (included within OMCA and OMCP Base exams only)
  • Mobile Marketing (included within OMCA and OMCP Base exams only)
  • Paid Search (PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Analytics

For OMCA: An Online Fundamentals course that provides an overview of all online marketing disciplines at an introductory level  (no fewer than 26 hours of formal instruction) meets the course-work requirement for OMCA certification.

For OMCP: A minimum of one Online Fundamentals course and two practitioner level courses  (no fewer than 26 hours of formal instruction comprising at least 16 hours of lecture, each)  in one of the online marketing disciplines meets the course-work requirement for OMCP certification.

For both: Curriculum must provide a multiple question final exam of no fewer than 50 questions that requires a passing score (≥ 70%), which assesses comprehension of all core concepts.

Note: Courses that meet some but not all of the above criteria may still be recognized individually for OMCP Professional Development Units (PDUs). This includes courses provided by, delivered by, or funded by an institution or vendor that derives the majority of its revenue through online marketing services or online marketing products.

Student volume: Provider can demonstrate a minimum of 50 identifiable graduates of the submitted online marketing course,  and can demonstrate potential for maintaining a population of new and returning course participants.

Course Catalog: Provider offers, regularly delivers, and maintains a single OMCA-approved fundamentals course and/or two or more OMCP-approved practitioner-level courses and clearly marks which courses qualify for each certificate.

Currency: Each calendar quarter, provider can show evidence that training material is reviewed and updated to apply to current practices. Provider stays current with all certification requirements.

Faculty: Training content must be provided and updated by working professionals who:

  • regularly earn income by providing up-to-date online marketing services to clients or organizations.
  • are regularly accountable to the scrutiny of other working professionals via published material, keynote speeches, or conference panel sessions, in the digital marketing industry.

Is your program a good match to these OMCP Registered Education Provider criteria? Learn more about how to become a Registered Education Provider .

For platform vendors and institutions without approved courses:

Consider becoming an OMCP Industry Member. Charter Industry Membership is available with annual dues starting at US $5,000 per year.