Exam and Certification Process FAQ

The digital marketing certification process can be confusing for busy marketers.  Here is an overview and answers to common question that will help make your journey through the process as smooth as possible.

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Register, schedule, and take your exam. Then upload proof, and get your certificate. Check your email for instructions. 

Three steps for the exam process.  Two steps for certification. 

The Exam

Anyone can register for, schedule, and sit for an OMCP exam, anytime.  The simplest path is: 

  • Register for the OMCP or OMCA exam by paying or using a voucher from your company, training provider, or university.
  • Schedule your online proctoring session in go.proctoru.com as instructed in your registration confirmation email. 
  • Take your exam on the scheduled day and time from within the online proctoring environment. You’ll be notified of results within an hour of completing the exam. Then on to the certification process below. 

Click below for answers to the most common questions about the exam:

I registered, but where do I login? What's my password?
There are three places that require credentials in order to register, take the exam, and then claim your passing score for certification.  

Proctored Session Access: Your online proctoring session requires a ProctorU.com account.  ProctorU is our partner for providing an online proctored environment.  Think of it like registering to use a room in which to take your exam. Your registration confirmation email instructs you to open a free account on ProctorU and set the date and time for your proctoring session. 

Exam Access: On your exam day, once you are in your ProctorU online session, you’ll be asked for credentials to access your exam.  These are not the same as your ProctorU credentials, but are provided in your registration confirmation email, sent immediately after your registration.  The email is sent from ‘team@omcp.org’, the subject begins with “Authorized to take the” and your exam access username and password are toward the end of the email. 

OMCP Certification Review & Profile Access: To claim your certification status, you’ll create a free account on omcp.org to upload your exam verification code and any required proof of experience, education, or training. 

What is the exam like?
OMCP exams are served online with multiple choice questions.  Read the specific descriptions of the OMCP exam series here and the OMCA Exam here.  
What is the pass rate? How many questions do I need to get right to pass? Will I get feedback on questions missed?
In keeping with industry certification standards, OMCP does not publish pass rates or cut rates.  Certification exams are pass or did-not-pass and do not provide hints or feedback on missed questions.  Candidates may use the practice exams for feedback, or rely on training providers for preparation. 
How do I prepare for the exam?
Preparation for the OMCP exams must include a combination of practical experience in online marketing coupled with continuing education in recent accepted practices.  No course or published book will completely prepare a candidate to pass the OMCP exam.  See the minimum suggested preparation for OMCA here and for OMCP here
What happens after I take the exam?
Upon completion of the exam, candidates will receive email confirmation of ‘did-not-pass’ or a passing verification code.  The passing verification code is used to prove that you have met the exam requirements. Upload your exam code into your OMCP profile account

The Certification Process

Certification requires several components to be verified by OMCP.  In addition to proof of passing the required exam, candidates must upload a combination of proof of work experience or training, or proof of education level. There are various combinations that qualify.  See the OMCP requirements and the OMCA requirements  to know what you’ll need for certification. 

  • Proof of passing the required exam
    • Upload your exam pass verification code, sent to you after passing an OMCP exam.
  • Proof of formal education
    • If required, upload a photo of your diploma or a signed statement claiming your education status.  OMCP audits claims, so be accurate.
  • Proof of training
    • If required, upload a zip file or scanned of your qualifying training completion certificates
  • Proof of experience
    • If required, upload your resume, cv, a signed statement, or a link to your current LinkedIn profile. 

Click below for answers to the most common questions about the certification process. 

What is considered as 'valid' experience?
Valid experience must be documentable hours performing marketing work, whether paid or not. Marketing work is defined as work that requires knowledge or application of marketing principles.  This can include any marketing job, traditional marketing, e.g., print, copywriting, advertising, selling marketing services, or providing some subset of marketing services to a marketing team. 
How long until my uploads are verified for certification?
Staff are notified upon upload and work to complete verification within three business days.  Requests for expedited reviews are often honored. After staff review, candidates are notified about certification status or of any missing requirements. Candidates who earn certification status receive an OMCP Badge with verified license ID, a digital certificate, and a verification profile on omcp.org. 

Do I get a certificate when I pass the exam?

Candidates who earn certification status receive an OMCP Badge with verified license ID, a digital certificate, and a verification profile on omcp.org.  OMCP certifications verify digital marketing skills, experience and education. Candidates must upload proof of a passing score (a unique verification code is provided after passing the OMCA exam), proof of experience, and proof of education through the OMCP membership portal.    Reference the certification handbook for details on what qualifies for each requirement. 
How long will my certification last?
Because of the rapid changes in digital marketing, OMCP Certifications last two years when renewed for the second year with Professional Development Units (PDUs).  To gain two years of certification, the candidate must use one of the following methods:

Currently, accrual of 100 PDUs during the year is required for extension.To submit PDUs for OMCA Re-Certification, simply provide the necessary verification for review through your member dashboard.