Readiness Testing for Digital Marketing Teams

How does your team compare to industry standards?

Leading teams now test regularly to determine digital marketing readiness.

Digital marketing readiness testing is trending to become the most efficient way to determine a marketer’s areas of strength or areas where training may be needed.

Leading teams provide readiness tests regularly–usually annually–to all employees who must communicate marketing concepts, and those who manage, or perform marketing tasks.

Readiness reports from OMCP reveal digital marketing skill levels compared to worldwide averages and for larger teams, to company and department levels.

Digital Marketing Testing Results Reporting
Comparison to team, company, and worldwide averages help identify areas of performance and areas where training may help.

Why use industry standards?

In short, employers increase the number of capable staff, with minimal training, and employees appreciate the benefit of industry certifications that can results from higher scores.

The OMCP digital marketing standards define the competencies and skills required to perform generally-accepted digital marketing practices with minimal supervision.  The practices and ratios reflect those validated in the most recent OMCP role delineation study.  The competencies are regularly assessed and approved by digital marketing leaders and practitioners, educators, and hiring managers for relevance. 

Candidates are presented with performance statistics upon completion–even for shorter practice assessments.
  • OMCP readiness tests map to established standards
  • Over 900 in-house training teams, colleges, and commercial training providers teach to OMCP standards
  • The exams and standards are used to:
    • Map needed training for employees
    • Set requirements for employee evaluations
    • Measure competencies for pre-employment candidates
    • Provide valuable benefits to employees in the form of a portable industry certification

Testing counts towards certification.

If a staff member has passed the full OMCA Exam, this event meets the exam requirement for OMCA certification.  Employers increase the number of certified staff, and employees appreciate the benefit of industry certification.

What does readiness testing cost?

Initial testing for qualified groups is free.

Pricing for deeper skills testing is set out in this best practices and pricing guide (PDF) which shares best practices for upskilling to OMCP industry standards offered by marketing leaders at P&G, Dell, GTB, Mediacom, Bayer and others.

Most teams start with free initial testing, offer employees options for training according to results, and require a passing score on the OMCA exam by a set deadline.

Free Vouchers for Managers:

Team managers (qualified) will be sent some free exam vouchers as a courtesy. Test the waters, kick off your level-up program, or evaluate incoming candidates: You can use them as you please.

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