Digital Advertising Targeting with Marty Weintraub – Online Marketing Best Practices Podcast from OMCP

Marty Weintraub

Digital Advertising: Best Practices for Targeting and Psychographics with Marty Weintraub Many marketers have over overlooked the deeper targeting options of today’s advertising platforms.    Twitter, Facebook, Google AdWords and other platforms are offering targeting data like the industry has never … Continue reading

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Programmatic Buying with Kevin Ryan – Online Marketing Best Practices Podcast from OMCP

Kevin Ryan is a sought-after speaker at major industry conferences.

Programmatic and Media Buying: Best Practices for Digital Advertising and Display How can we avoid advertising disasters?  When is it time to scale creatives?  What is the hidden problem when switching vendors?   Author/Expert Kevin Ryan walks OMCP through  five of the current … Continue reading

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Negative Keywords with Brad Geddes: Best Practices for PPC Digital Advertising

Brad Geddes shares PPC best practices with with OMCP at SMX 2017

PPC Best Practices for Using Negative Keywords Use of negative keywords in PPC campaigns can reduce irrelevant ad impressions, improve CTR, improve quality score, and improve conversion rates – all without increasing costs.  Misuse them, and negative keywords can hurt a … Continue reading

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