Bayer Earns OMCP Talent Leadership Award for Digital Marketing Training Best Practices

The OMCP 2018 Talent leadership Award for Digital Marketing Course Completion Rates goes to Bayer.  Life sciences giant Bayer has done plenty of digital marketing trainings, but none have been quite like the latest engagement which included matchmaking, reverse mentoring, game shows, and a bespoke blend of on-ground training and digital online courses. 82% Course […]

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2019 OMCP Digital Marketing Role Delineation Survey is Complete

The results are in. See the digital marketing priorities as reported by over 4,000 professionals in the 2019 OMCP Role Study. The final survey data and report is complete, summarized here, and is freely available to participants, educational institution, or training providers. Download the full report below.  What is a Digital Marketing Role Delineation Study? The 2019 OMCP […]

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Digital Marketing Skills for the 21st Century

Podcast with Matt Bailey Managers and digital marketers: What are the marketing skills necessary for the 21st century? One market leader posed this question to author-expert Matt Bailey who in turn discusses this with OMCP’s Michael Stebbins. This episode is  brought to you by:  MindEdge.  MindEdge Learning’s Digital Marketing Course covers strategic & technical topics of digital marketing […]

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Digital Marketing Trainers Wanted

Want to help others learn digital marketing?   A growing number of in-house teams and agencies have been asking OMCP for introductions to trainers who can teach sessions on-site and then online.  Teams, agencies, colleges, training institutes are asking for you.  OMCP will do a little screening and then introduce matches.   Looking for: PPC, SEO, Local […]

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Four Paid Search Best Practices OMCP with Brad Geddes

Paid Search expert-author Brad Geddes shares four paid search best practices with OMCP in less than six minutes. Brad has contributed quite a bit to the OMCP standard. A lot of the questions on the OMCA certification exam and OMCP certification exams are based off the competencies that Brad’s given us in combination with surveys of […]

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Determining Searcher Intent with Matt Bailey – Online Marketing Best Practices Podcast from OMCP

Matt Bailey teaches at Search Engine Strategies

SEO: Determining Searcher Intent with Matt Bailey Moving up in SEO ranking factors, addressing searcher intent is a low-dispute best practice.  Your page must engage.  And search engines are getting better at deciding what types of pages will best serve the searchers.  But how can we know what searchers are expecting?      Find out […]

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Four Digital Analytics Best Practices OMCP with Ruth Burr Reedy

Digital marketing best practices from Ruth Burr Reedy

Digital marketing expert and OMCP contributor Ruth Burr Reedy shares four best practices for digital analytics in this six minute video. You’ll learn several ways to ensure you don’t miss pages with your analytics tool, best practices for tracking conversions, and how sampling rates and a tag manager can help get us to trends that […]

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SEO Algorithm Best Practices from Barry Schwartz, OMCP

Barry Schwartz Shares SEO with Michael Stebbins OMCP

Barry Schwartz CEO of Rusty Brick and author at Search Engine Roundtable and Search Engine Guide shares with OMCP best practices on following the SEO algorithm changes. Barry suggests following specific communities/SEO luminaries and where to check when validating how your site might be affected by algorithm updates. Thanks Barry! Much of what Barry shares here […]

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