Requirements for Digital Marketing Certification Updated 2022

New Option for Experience and Education for OMCA

OMCA candidates with over two years of verified marketing experience may waive the requirement to prove secondary school (“High School”) graduation. In addition, OMCA candidates who have completed an accredited training program with six months of application do not need to provide evidence of a secondary school graduation. This change is effective as of March 12, 2022.

OMCA Updated Requirements

The requirements for OMCA digital marketing certification now include:

  • A passing score on the OMCA exam PLUS one of the following:
    • 4,000 hours (two years) of marketing experience
    • OR proof of completion of an OMCP-Approved digital marketing course within the six months prior to your application
    • OR A secondary degree or equivalent (e.g., High School diploma or GED) with 600 hours of marketing experience
OMCA Digital Marketing Certification Requirements
OMCA Digital Marketing Certification candidates have three options to verify education, experience, and training.

For more in-depth information about requirements, certification, and exams, see the exam and certification FAQ Find out if you are qualified right now.

This was a unanimous decision approved by the OMCP Certification Committee. All votes supported the change.


All OMCP certifications require proof of skills (exam pass) education, training, and work experience.


Since 2013, OMCP candidates had been allowed to reduce the post-secondary degree (or equivalent) requirement with proof of extensive experience combined with recent verified training. However no reduction existed for the OMCA certification Since 2014, all OMCA candidates were required to provide proof of a secondary school (“High School”) diploma or equivalent or higher degree. This document is not commonly available for many candidates, creating a barrier for otherwise-qualified candidates. This change allows OMCA candidates with over two years of verified marketing experience to waive the requirement to prove secondary school graduation. This change now mirrors the process in place for OMCP certification. OMCA candidates with less than two years of verified work experience will still need to furnish evidence of graduation or proof of recent accredited training.

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