1 Digital Marketing Certification

Digital Marketing Certification and Standards

OMCP certifications verify digital marketing skills, education, and experience: OMCA for generalists, OMCP for specialists.


The Latest OMCP Digital Marketing Role Study

4,000 managers share skill priorities, ratios, and requirements for educators and talent development professionals.

3 Teams

How These Leaders Upskilled Teams in Digital Marketing

P&G, Bayer, GTB & Mediacom share how they did it, and how you can do it too.

4 Competencies

Digital Marketing Competencies Set by Leaders: Since 2010

OMCP competencies are set by formal role studies, published authors, elected committees, academics, and hiring managers from top brands and agencies.

5 Educators

Recognition, Help for Educators and Training Providers

Over 900 universities and institutes teach to OMCP standards. Over 70,000 have trained to the standard.

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How to Get a Digital Marketing Certification from OMCP

1. Join OMCP for free

See which certification you qualify for and join OMCP for free. You’ll get extra resources and advice from other certified professionals.

2. Pass your online exams

Purchase your OMCA Exam or your OMCP exams, then schedule as set out in the confirmation email. See the FAQ on the exam process.

Example OMCA Certificate

3. Pass your certification review

Upload proof of your passing scores, experience and education and request your certification review. See the FAQ on Experience and Education.

OMCP Certified earn between 16-26% more than non-certified

For Employers, Teams & Agencies

Teams that hire and train to OMCP digital marketing standards lead the industry in marketing performance. Ensure your employees have current digital marketing skills. Use OMCP competencies and readiness testing for evaluation.

  • Improved marketing results when a common understanding of digital is shared among employees, staff, agencies, and outside contractors
  • Higher participation in training when staff earn an industry certification
  • Increased confidence in your requirements and in training when courses align with industry-standards
  • Increased productive hours (or billable hours) when experts practice more efficiently and/or can test out of training
  • Longer retention of skilled talent: Industry certifications are viewed as a valuable, career-building benefit for employees

 P&G, Bayer, GTB & Mediacom share how how they did it, and how you can do it too.

For Educators

omcp registered education provider-sm

Over 100,000 professionals have trained to OMCP standards and many more are seeking providers who teach to established industry standards. Get:

  • Free course outlines, competency guides and industry surveys where thousands of hiring managers specify digital marketing requirements
  • Course evaluation and accreditation
  • Certified Trainer resources
  • Endorsement and candidates from OMCP for registered education providers

While 900+ institutes teach to OMCP standards, only OMCP Registered Education Providers have verified curriculum, instructors, and processes to prepare professionals for OMCP exams. See how to become a provider.

Join us and make a difference

Want to change the industry, meet leaders, and influence how thousands are trained in digital marketing? Then join us as a volunteer, a supporting member, or a committee member. OMCP certification standards are authored and maintained by volunteer work from respected authors, educators, and select committees that include hiring managers and thought-leaders from consumer product groups, B2B companies, agencies, and small businesses worldwide.

The Digital Marketing Standards Committee and contributors determine competencies and judge validity of OMCP exam items for:

  • Digital Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Search Advertising
  • Conversion & Landing Page Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing and Marketing Automation
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Programmatic Buying

The Certification Standards Committee and contributors judges the processes and methods for certification, accreditation of educators and worthy vehicles for certification. Examples include:

  • Approve academic standards for courses and registered education providers
  • Approve methodologies and services used evaluate curriculum, courses, and education providers
  • Determine requirements for OMCP® certification including exam requirements, recertification, PDUs, minimum hours & education
  • Approve methodologies and services used evaluate curriculum, courses, and education providers
  • Determine OMCP Code of ethics