Four Paid Search Best Practices OMCP with Brad Geddes

Paid Search expert-author Brad Geddes shares four paid search best practices with OMCP in less than six minutes. Brad has contributed quite a bit to the OMCP standard. A lot of the questions on the OMCA certification exam and OMCP certification exams are based off the competencies that Brad’s given us in combination with surveys of […]

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Four Digital Analytics Best Practices OMCP with Ruth Burr Reedy

Digital marketing best practices from Ruth Burr Reedy

Digital marketing expert and OMCP contributor Ruth Burr Reedy shares four best practices for digital analytics in this six minute video. You’ll learn several ways to ensure you don’t miss pages with your analytics tool, best practices for tracking conversions, and how sampling rates and a tag manager can help get us to trends that […]

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SEO Algorithm Best Practices from Barry Schwartz, OMCP

Barry Schwartz Shares SEO with Michael Stebbins OMCP

Barry Schwartz CEO of Rusty Brick and author at Search Engine Roundtable and Search Engine Guide shares with OMCP best practices on following the SEO algorithm changes. Barry suggests following specific communities/SEO luminaries and where to check when validating how your site might be affected by algorithm updates. Thanks Barry! Much of what Barry shares here […]

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SEO Best Practices from Keith Goode, OMCP at SMX West

Keith Goode, SEO for IBM and digital marketing educator, was kind enough to share best practices on prioritizing site crawl-abilty, index-ability, and usability as a foundation of SEO.  Next, Keith explains what types of keywords can make a difference and what causes good ranking in today’s search landscape.  You’ll also get some tips on how […]

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Programmatic Buying with Kevin Ryan – Online Marketing Best Practices Podcast from OMCP

Kevin Ryan is a sought-after speaker at major industry conferences.

Programmatic and Media Buying: Best Practices for Digital Advertising and Display How can we avoid advertising disasters?  When is it time to scale creatives?  What is the hidden problem when switching vendors?   Author/Expert Kevin Ryan walks OMCP through  five of the current best practices for Programmatic Buying in this OMCP article+podcast. This episode is brought to you by: […]

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Scott Brinker Shares Best Practices for Martech for the OMCP Standard

Scott Brinker Shares Best Practices for Martech for the OMCP Standard Just after his keynote at the 2017 Martech conference, Scott Brinker took a few minutes to share best practices in Martech with OMCP. Scott and his blog are the go-to source for leading Martech practices. Follow Scott at @ChiefMartec.   Here’s a summary […]

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Changing Domains with Dan Thies: SEO Best Practices from the OMCP Best Practices Podcast

SEO Best Practices for Moving Domains When is it time to 301-redirect to the a new domain?  When is it time to use rel=canonical or submit new sitemaps during a domain move?  Switching domains can be a terrifying process–for good reason.  One misstep and the search engines might follow our bad instructions. Author and SEO […]

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Negative Keywords with Brad Geddes: Best Practices for PPC Digital Advertising

Brad Geddes shares PPC best practices with with OMCP at SMX 2017

PPC Best Practices for Using Negative Keywords Use of negative keywords in PPC campaigns can reduce irrelevant ad impressions, improve CTR, improve quality score, and improve conversion rates – all without increasing costs.  Misuse them, and negative keywords can hurt a campaign and block relevant traffic.  Author expert Brad Geddes visited with OMCP to lay out […]

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