Become an OMCP Certified Trainer

OMCP Certified Trainer Application

OMCP recognizes reputable institutions and individuals who provide training aligned with OMCP standards. OMCP Certified Trainers maintain at least one current OMCP certification, are committed to teach to the OMCP standard, and have a verified history of exemplary teaching and contributions to the industry.

Perfect for experienced trainers or organizations developing curriculum, Certified Trainers gain OMCP recognition and digital copies of all competency outcome outlines that aid in teaching to the OMCP and OMCA standards.  

These are the same competencies used by hundreds of universities and training institutions that teach to the OMCP standard.   The status of Certified Trainer may apply to an individual or an organization.
Over 100,000 have trained to the OMCP and OMCA standards and many institutions are seeking qualified trainers.
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Institutions that teach to OMCP standards are seeking certified trainers.


To determine if you or your organization are a candidate for Certified Trainer status, use the checklist below to evaluate how your credentials match requirements:

Trainer Requirements:

Certified: Individual certified trainers must have OMCP certified status.  For organizations, a minimum of one trainer must be OMCP certified and the same trainer must be listed publicly as associated with either the curriculum or instruction of online marketing trainings.

Experienced Marketer: One certified trainer, or the organization itself,  must have  five years of experience in the online marketing field, verifiable by online, public records (E.g LinkedIn, forum posts, or articles published).

Experienced Trainer: The organization or trainer must show a history of preparing others with the abilities, skills, and knowledge commonly associated with qualification for employment in a minimally-supervised position in online marketing through a structured course or curriculum.  This must be verified by two online public references from past students, OR positive reviews from previous speaking or teaching engagements, verified by two mentions or reviews (e.g., retweets from session) published online.

Exemplary History:  Search results on Google do not reveal complaints related to trainer or trainer’s organization within first 50 listings. The trainer must have no online affiliation with MLM (Multi level marketing or pyramid schemes) or programs focused on personal income, and no significant history of controversy over credibility, practices, or quality of service or product.  This will be verified by OMCP staff.  If there are complaints that OMCP staff is likely to find, candidates should provide links and an explanation for each one.

Benefits and Privileges of Certified Trainer Status

Once approved, Certified Trainers in good standing will be listed as such on the OMCP web site.

Application fee includes one voucher for a proctored exam (OMCA or OMCP) to meet the exam requirement.

OMCP Certified Trainers may use the OMCP brand to differentiate themselves from other trainers.  Trainers that are approved will be provided with an OMCP logo and branding package with instructions for where and how to place OMCP logos  within promotional materials.  

Certified Trainers are  invited to participate  in the OMCP Community of Practice, a network of OMCP REPs, Members, and certified individuals who gain recognition for contributing to the standards. OMCP maintains an ongoing and current dialog about the creation and maintenance of standards for the online marketing profession through this network. The community also serves as a network resource for participants.

OMCP Certified Trainer status includes additional benefits and privileges:

  • Endorsement from OMCP: Certified Trainers receive a listing as a Certified Trainer on the website, online profile, and licensed LinkedIn Badge
  • Up-to-date Competency Docs for Curriculum Compliance: Certified Trainers receive digital versions of OMCA and OMCP competency documents across all disciplines.  These are outlines used to build OMCA and OMCP-approved courses and qualify for OMCP Registered Education Provider status.
  • OMCP Membership for Individual Trainers
  • One exam voucher per year: OMCP or OMCA proctored exam is included with the application fee and annual duesMust be taken within 90 days of registration.     
  • Free Practice Exams for Students:  Certified trainers may issue a limited number of free-access codes to practice exams.
  • Certification Discount: Certified trainers receive deep discounts on exams used for employee trainers to remain in compliance  (some limitations apply).
  • Exam Voucher Resale:  Certified trainers may resell vouchers for OMCP/OMCA Exams at discounts from listed fees.  

Process for Application and Approval

There are three steps to applying for Certified Trainer status.  

  1. Candidate must self-evaluate according to requirements listed on this page and submit a completed application (below).
  2. To accompany the application, the applicant pays a US$475 application fee. This is a  non-refundable application fee that includes the required exam.
  3. OMCP staff review claims and credentials and notify candidate of status within four business days of final application.

Annual Dues: Annual dues are required to maintain the benefits listed above, however certification status itself will not be withdrawn if annual dues are missed.

Re-Approval: is required every two years. Requests must be submitted at least  30 days in advance of expiration date.

    Application for OMCP Certified Trainer Status

    List trainer name(s) and certification status/date/pending -- one per line"

    One or more of the trainers listed above OR the organization has five years of experience in the online marketing field
    The trainer listed above has five years experience in the online marketing fieldOur institution has five years history of teaching or providing online marketing practicesNeither appliesBoth apply

    I assert that the search results on Google do not include complaints related to trainer or trainer’s organization within first 50 listings. *