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online marketing certified professionalReady to show the world that you’re OMCP Certified? Use this medallion on your website or other web properties… either copy the image itself, or (better yet) link to the image from our server… that way if we update the medallion design, it’ll be reflected instantly on your site.

<img src=””>


Link the medallion to your profile page:

<a href=””><img src=””></a>

Link to us: We’d love it if you linked to us. Here are a few preferred suggestions:

Home Page: <a href=””>Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP)</a>

Members Directory: <a href=””>Directory of Certified Online Marketers</a>

Your personal profile page: I am an <a href=””>Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP)</a>.

Need more support? If there are more ways we can support our members, let us know.


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