Session Proposals OMCP Digital Marketing Conference

The OMCP community is unique where every OMCA and OMCP has verified experience, hard skills, education, and training in digital marketing through the certification process. This is who attends and who presents in OMCP digital marketing conferences.

Sessions are presented by OMCPs for OMCPs with occasional special guests

So if you’ve earned your certification, contributed to the OMCP standards, or are an OMCP certified trainer, your session proposals are welcomed.

Why Present?

You’ll notice that those who are generous with their digital marketing knowledge get more recognition, opportunities, and improve their own practice of digital marketing.

If you haven’t taught digital marketing before, you’ll discover that it is highly enriching to see others learn to follow in your footsteps.

If that’s not enough, presenters earn PDU credits for certification renewal.

Extend your speaking resume: If you are new to speaking, this is a safe environment where others will encourage you and, if you ask, they may provide constructive feedback (in private) to improve your presentation. Speaking at an OMCP conference is a great gateway into speaking at other major digital marketing conferences.


The purpose of OMCP conferences is to improve the practice of digital marketing among its members. Sessions must teach applicable digital marketing practices and guide participants in the steps of repeating the process.

Ideal practice areas aligned with, or are adjacent to, the areas covered by OMCP standards:

Practice Covered by OMCP StandardSub-Topics and Adjacent Topics
Social Media Marketing
Digital Advertising and PPC
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Conversion Rate Optimization
Digital Analytics
Content Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Email Marketing
Marketing Automation
Hiring Digital Marketers
Managing marketing teams
Selling digital marketing services
Data mining


  • How we implemented DKIM and DMARC for email authentication
  • Five SEO KPIs that drive action from content owners
  • How I implement and use a content calendar
  • Three ad testing mechanisms I require from my PPC agency
  • How we get Sr. management buy-in for web site changes
  • …. any other low-dispute practice related to digital marketing

The format will be via screen share in an online ‘zoom’ session. 3-5 minute sessions leaving time for discussion and Q&A. Some slides are OK, but live examples are even better.

An ideal format for sessions is:

  1. What I (we) did
  2. Challenges and results
  3. Steps so you can do it too, with resources to replicate this practice

Propose Your Session Here

The session list for the November 2020 Conference is now full. Session proposals for future conferences are encouraged.