What is a dimension?

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In the context of Web Analytics: What is a dimension?

Answers must include: Definition of terminology, Importance of the concept or process, and the Process of how a professional marketer approaches the practice

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A dimension is, typically, an attribute of the User of your website or mobile app. In most modern practice, they appear in rows in your web analytics tools or spreadsheets.

Commonly used dimensions are User attributes like Source (referring websites, campaigns, countries, etc.) and technical elements (browser, mobile phone, screen resolution, etc.). Dimensions also include attributes of a User’s behavior, such as Landing Pages, Internal Site Searches, and Products Purchases.

Dimensions are magical in that they could also be expressed as numbers. For example, the days since last visit, the number of visits, and the number of pages a User viewed.

Dimensions are key building blocks of web analytics segments.

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