OMCP Digital Marketing Conference November 2020

First OMCP Virtual Conference, November 18, 2020 

OMCP members participated in the first OMCP Digital Marketing Conference where we learned, shareed, and discussed grass-roots, in-the-trenches digital marketing best practices with those who implement it every day. Surprise guests included resident author experts Brad Geddes, Philippa Gamse and Debra Mastaler.

OMCP Digital Marketing Conference 2020 November
Meetup-style conference, 3-5 min each, OMCPs sharing with OMCPs

Session recordings and the presentations are available only to those pursuing certification, those with an OMCP account (free) and those who have earned certification status. Login and refresh this page to see the m aterial.

Format: short presentations from OMCP certified followed by Q&A.

Tone: Informal, smart, generous. This is a community of practicing professionals who are committed to improving the practice of digital marketing. Most of us are working from home, so pets, kids, family in the background are welcomed.

Duration: One hour official, plus 20-30 minutes informal chat before and afterwards.

Session list

SpeakerSession TitleWhat You Will Learn
George PopescuEffective email marketing – Promoting the Digital Competitiveness Summit 20201) How to design a clear email structure & event registration form
2) Why YouTube broadcasting via Zoom provides added value
3) How to summarize key take-aways and staying in touch
LaTisha ClaytonHow we use YouTube to generate our most motivated buyers1) Why our most valuable leads have come from YouTube
2) Small views matter – Why niching video topics is important
3) The journey of belief and how YouTube fits in the nurture process
Nida AteeqDisplay and Social Media Campaigns: Tools and Tips to generate leads1) How B2B Companies can generate Leads with Display Advertising(Tools /Tips used )
2) A Checklist to evaluate if B2B display ads will work for you
3) How B2B Companies can use Social Media Campaigns to generate leads (using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram , YouTube apart from LinkedIn)
Matt BaileyDeliver Persuasive Presentations That Drive Action:1. Present data with presence, persuasiveness and empathy.
2. Tell visually-impactful stories that communicate data.
3. Develop a powerful, persuasive framework for presenting to stakeholders.
4. Integrate nueromarketing techniques that create empathy and action.
Nievalyn KeelThree Ways to Win with Integrated Marketing

1) Publishing: Boon or Bust

2) Multi-channel attribution

3) Monitor the pipeline

4) Drive real outcomes
Lindsay SimsDigital Analytics: Custom dashboards and dashboard templates1. Setting up an Analytics Dashboard Template
2. Sharing Dashboard Templates with Teams
3. Sharing Dashboard Templates with Clients
Brad RobinsonEmail marketing: How we used segmentation to increase newsletter opens and CTR1. Audience Segmentation, taking a deeper look at your segmentation for potential benefits
2. Audience Pacing – within your segments certain personas may need to be contacted more or less
3. Audience Messaging – shifting messaging and content to further connect with your audience
Patrick GauthierWhat hiring managers are looking for in digital marketers1) Learn about talent strategy for scaled marketing agencies
2) The hottest skills in the job market
3) What you can do in your career to ensure success

PDU Awards:

  • Earn 30 PDUs for attending. Criteria: Attendees must engage via chat in first five minutes and final five minutes of conference.
  • Earn 80 PDUs for presenting. Criteria: Presenters must earn four or more comments from attendees indicating “useful” of “thank you” or similar affirmation.

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