Andy Atkins-Kruger Shares International SEO Practices with OMCP at SMX

Author/Expert Andy Atkins-Kruger shares insights on best practices when building multinational online campaigns in this 16-minute video.

Andy shares insights on social behaviors that necessitate multinational campaigns and SEO and aspects of keyword phrases that surprise even the most confident marketers. Using native speakers to build out keyword lists is a generally accepted practice, but Andy teaches a preliminary step that improves the outcomes.  This video also shares the pivotal components of landing pages as they apply to multinational SEM campaigns.  

 Andy touches on geo-targeting practices using CCTLD and how Google and the major engines respond to domains and HREFLANG.  Andy then shares specific  practices for keeping a hygienic site and closes up with some of the differences among the major international engines, including Yandex and Baidu, and why chat and personal assistants matter.

Many thanks to Andy for his knowledge and willingness to share.  Also thanks to SMX for hosting a great search marketing conference that attracts speakers like Andy and our own OMCP family.

Check out where Andy teaches at International Marketing School  and his agency at WebCertain

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