Eric Enge Shares SEO Best Practices with OMCP at SMX West

Eric Enge, SEO author, speaker, and CEO of digital marketing agency Stone Temple took some time to share SEO best practices with OMCP while at SMX West in San Jose.

Many of the practices Eric  shares in this video are well-aligned with the OMCP competency standards and will be present on the OMCP exams.

In this video interview, Eric shares a site architecture practice that can repel or cooperate with the search engines.  Some pages can be too detailed for the index and Eric shows us how to keep those pages for users, but let the search engines know to index a more generic pages.

Eric notes that “Mobile first” index is coming and we learn the ramifications of the engine’s choice to prioritize the mobile site architecture as the basis for inclusion.

For SEO Audits, Eric advises in best best practices, starting with a crawl of your own site, and then application of the data to setting up the site for SEO.   He adds: check the consoles of major search engines (Bing and Google), and a specific method for using analytics data to get a handle on SEO.

Thanks to Eric for sharing.  Be sure to follow Eric at @stonetemple and check out his writing and videos at his digital marketing agency, Stone Temple.


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