Matt Van Wagner and Brad Geddes Share PPC Best Practices with OMCP

Authors & Experts Matt Van Wagner and Brad Geddes share an interview with OMCP on PPC Best Practices at SMX West in San Jose.  What Matt and Brad share is well-aligned with OMCP competency standards taught at over 700 colleges.  And it’s no wonder since both leaders have contributed to the Digital Advertising portion of the OMCP and OMCA Exams. Thanks to you both Matt and Brad!

In this video:

With humor, Matt Van Wagner challenges us to explore as many PPC channels as possible and goes on to discuss with Brad Geddes what exceptions there can be to this approach.   Matt also suggests testing as many ad messages as possible, segregated into three specific categories.   

Brad adds that search query data will help us know what makes our ad display and result in well-tuned match with a target audience.   Matt suggests a cautious approach to the display network.  Matt explains the differences in intent across the display vs. the search channel.

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