How to Get the Most Out of OMCP

A standard should not be maintained in secret, but instead must be built, and used, by the community it serves. OMCP follows that credo, but we also believe participants should get far more from OMCP than they put in.  OMCP serves the online marketing industry by providing the resources below — often free. How to get the most out of OMCP So, to heighten awareness of how to get the most out of OMCP, here are some of our ‘deliverables’ and steps to obtain them for each of you: 

  1. Hiring Managers, Talent Managers, Marketing Managers
  2. Authors, Experts, Thought-Leaders, Instructors
  3. Educators, Training Institutions, Schools, Universities
  4. Practitioners and Certified Professionals
  5. Tool and Platform Vendors
  6. Observers and Bystanders

Hiring Managers, Talent Managers, Marketing Managers:

  • Verify hard skills ahead of time. Managers complain that hard and soft skills are difficult to verify in the interview process. But it can be done through pre-employment testing. How? Have candidates take an OMCA or OMCP assessment as part of the interview qualification process.
  • Get certified candidates applying for your roles.   Candidates with OMCP certifications have already been verified in skills, education, and experience.  How?  Put OMCP or OMCA as a preferred certification in your job postings, let us know, and OMCP will circulate to our members.  
  • Improve your internal training.  How? Use OMCP Competency Standards for your internal training or use registered education providers or certified trainers.  
  • Boost staff skills and love. How? Let staff know you’ll reimburse exam fees for a passing score.
  • Show the world you are a marketing leader.  How? Support OMCP financially through an industry membership.

Authors, Experts, Thought-Leaders, Instructors

Educators, Training Institutions, Schools, Universities

  • Get the attention of thousands of learners and companies who are looking for reputable courses and training programs through OMCP.  How? Get your program listed by teaching to OMCP standards as a Registered Education Provider or as a Certified Trainer.
  • Deliver job-ready grads to the industry. Teaching to the OMCP standard ensures that you are teaching to the requirements that hiring managers have requested. How? Design your curriculum to include the OMCP Competency Standards.
  • Guarantee interviews for your qualified grads (upcoming based on interest). Join an “Interview Guarantee” program where participating companies guarantee an interview, for qualified candidates who graduate from your OMCP-approved program. Email us to show your interest.

Practitioners and Certified Professionals

  • Get paid more. Certified marketers get paid an average of 16.6% more than those without certification.  Ensure you’re up to date. How? Keep your skills and certification current by re-taking your exams every two years and submitting industry-participation PDUs every other year.
  • Get recognition for what you’ve earned. How? Post your licensed badge on LinkedIn. Add your badge to your email signature and your website.  Just like PMP or other designations, use OMCP in your title.
  • Share authoritative content with your own audience.  It’s very early in the industry for an online marketing certification and we need help getting the word out.  We do that by sharing best practices and by bringing like minded marketers together. How? If you’re a fan or have invested in OMCP training or certification, share what OMCP is doing (TwitterFacebook, LinkedIn, Newsletter, and Blog) with your colleagues and social audience.  It’s a great resource!
  • Meetup and exchange ideas with like-minded professionals.  How? Host a local meetup.  Join OMCP groups.  Attend OMCP-sponsored conferences and trade shows.

Agencies and Larger Consumer Marketing Teams

  • Speak a common language with your colleagues. Over 40,000 professionals have trained to the OMCP standard and are represented in leading consumer marketing teams and top agencies. Communication using the standard as a base is the #1 benefit cited by agencies and larger consumer marketing groups. How? Require, reward, and/or support certification for your marketing staff and use annual readiness testing to ensure staff have the knowledge and skills you want. 
  • Win an award (upcoming, based on interest).  OMCP will publicly recognize agencies and groups with significant investments in certification and training.  How? Send us your story of training and certification of your team.
  • Get early recruiting access to OMCP and OMCA candidates who want to be recruited (upcoming based on interest).  How? Join an “Interview Guarantee” program where participating schools guarantee an interview, for qualified candidates, at participating companies.

Tool and Platform Vendors, Conferences

  • Reach the most qualified segment of professional marketers in the industry.  OMCP and OMCA marketers are among the most skilled, the highest paid, and the most recognized in the industry. Sponsor OMCP by becoming an industry partner.  Your partner fees can be directed at your discretion to subsidize exam fees, for scholarships that can be applied to any OMCP Registered Education Provider or as a sponsor of our ongoing best practice podcasts.
  • Be seen as a marketing leader by shaping the standard with OMCP.  How? Contribute to, or sponsor a section of the OMCP media through the body of knowledge, the OMCP Competency Standards, or the OMCP best practices podcasts.  These documents and recordings  are used by thousands of professionals, certification candidates, instructors, schools and hiring managers.

Just an Observer

  • If you are merely intrigued by what OMCP is doing and want to observe from the sidelines, and take in the occasional update or free resource, then sign up for our newsletter, engage with us on our Facebook Page, LinkedIn Group, Twitter, and Blog and of of course, we love the the occasional “Like” or share.

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